Adam Witt


Adam Witt has read and written comics since the day he learned how to read and write. Since then, thank God, he's refined his techniques a little bit. Someone told him he needed to figure out what to do with his life, and since he turned 14, he's been writing comic scripts. At the age of 18, with co-creator Chris Page, he self-published his first comic, FEUCH! If he had any more projects in development, he would go completely insane, as opposed to just kinda insane.

He lives in Chicago, with a move to Seattle in the works.

Projects Include:

Blacklisted and Live Forever (with Pat Loika); FEUCH!, Purvis Jeffries and Hero Butler (with Chris Page); Final Heaven (a webcomic with Brian 'The Hanna' Hanna and Steve Williams); Hits (with James O'Callaghan and Anne Jurack); and a collection of short stories yet to be titled, due in 2009.

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