Dave Wachter


Comic books found Dave as a child. He read and created them until his teenage years, when other, less important things interfered into his life. He is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and dabbled in fine art, graphic design, carpentry and business ownership until comics finally found him again, and shepherded him home.

Under the moniker citizenDave, he spreads his radical left wing viewpoints, notorious distrust of authority, and cantankerous personality across the internet like a virus with no known cure in sight. His work can be found on the pages of the upcoming horror anthology Fiendish Fables, as well as a cover and pinup here and there. Primarily, Dave passionately works night and day on his art for the comic series, The Guns of Shadow Valley.

Projects Include:

The Guns of Shadow Valley and Scar Tissue

The Guns of Shadow Valley - www.gunsofshadowvalley.com
Homepage – www.davedrawscomics.com
Scar Tissue Homepage – www.scartissue-comic.com
MySpace – www.myspace.com/davewachter


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