John Schlim, Jr.


John spent his formative years as a mercenary writer in the bloody, interdimensional, literary wars, where he earned the nickname, “Hack.” Upon his return to the civilized world, the battle-weary scribe worked for more than a decade as a journalist, graphic designer, and advertising copywriter. Yet his thirst for adventure could not be quenched, so once again he took up the quill to write comics, children’s books, novels, and the occasional screenplay.

He currently presides over the kingdom of Fablewood, deep in the wooded lands of New Hampshire, where it’s rumored that he experiments in secret gardens trying to grow crops of artists who worship his scripts. The aging Hack spends his company with his five tireless children, two dogs whose intellects surpass his own, and the one true love of his life, Wendy.

Projects Include:

Dandelion, Vanquish, Goth Ghost Girl, Fiendish Fables, Thistleheart, Salamandra and many others

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