Tim Loika


Tim Loika has seen the world as part of the Navy, but his heart is always in San Diego.

Trained as an artist by his brother Pat, Tim's work draws inspiration from a diverse set of artists, including Ed McGuinness, Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ben Templesmith, and Carlos Pacheco. Tim is also a musician and plays a mean bass guitar.

Besides being multi-talented, Tim is credited as being responsible for the creation of Dial R, as the idea behind the studio came about in one of his drunken nights out. He's currently in Iraq, defending our nation and freedom. When Tim is not fighting terror he resides in Oxnard, California, where he pounds the brews and draws The Path to Armageddon ongoing series.

Projects Include:
The Path to Armageddon

MySpace – www.myspace.com/mrpoophouse


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