Pat Loika


Pat Loika loves comics. They taught him how to read and draw, the difference between good and evil, and how to pick up women. He started drawing at the age of six, and has always dreamed of creating his own characters and stories. The dream became a reality in 2005, with the release of “The Path to Armageddon” mini-series. In 2006, he helped form Dial R Studios, a commune where creators pool their resources together to create the best comics they can possibly do.

Residing in San Diego, Pat is currently preparing the "Path to Armageddon" ongoing webcomic with Tim Loika. He also writes the "HoCal" webcomic with artist Chris Maze, which is based on his experiences as a hotel employee.

Projects Include:
HoCal, The Path to Armageddon, Blacklisted, The Villain and many others.

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