Rich Leazer


Rich has had an obsession of telling tall tales ever since he figured out he could get away with it. Now with a passion for putting stories to paper, he writes the occasional comic book script and short story with a rare movie script sprinkled in between. On the side he letters his own and other peoples stories and books. Always willing to read another story, watch another movie, take on another project, drink another . . . . oops . . . well, Rich likes to keep busy and is obsessed with the art of story telling. Like everyone these days, he does not designate a lot of hours for sleep. When asked what makes his stories so appealing to his readers, he responded, "I like to make people read my work when they're drunk."

Projects Include:

The Coroner, Escadrille X, The Immortals, Oddball Adventures, The Outcast, ReVamp, and The Sword among others.

Lettering Projects Include:

The Path to Armageddon, The Wannabes, Street Nights, other books, and many, many short stories.


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