Noble Larimer


At the tender age of five, Noble embarked down his inevitable comics career...because of the Devil.

Picking up Ghost Rider #19, adorned with none other than the lord of darkness himself on the cover was his gateway drug into the vile and corrupt underbelly of a profession known as "the comic writer".

At first attempting to draw said comics, he quickly discovered his pencils tended to look like an epileptic chicken had strapped pencils to it's claws, and spazzed out across the page. Never one to give up, he switched his chosen profession to writing. Figuring if a room full of monkeys could write Shakespeare, then he had a 50/50 chance of writing something that doesn't stink up the place.

Now seven years, and the founding of a studio later, Noble has released nine books, has more in development than Lindsay Lohan has eating disorders, and is still in amazement that his wife hasn't had him committed.

Projects Include:
Animech, Gwailo, Bits and Pieces, Future’s End, Zero, A Noble Life, and many others.

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