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Andy grew up reading such titles as Mickey Mouse, Uncle Scrooge, Archie Comics, a ton of Heathcliff and any superhero titles his mom would let him have. Always in trouble for drawing on whatever he could get his hands on, the art bug bit early... thankfully he had parents that were very supportive in developing this talent and bought him his first drawing table at age 10.

There was a long time period where, Andy, put down his pencils and focused only on a career in design... forgetting almost entirely the world of comics. But a trip to the local comic shop, in 2004, brought it all back and the bug bit him once again. Andy got involved with a local creators group and joined many forums trying to get back into drawing and specifically creating comics.

Nowadays, Andy is busy with anthology work, submissions and personal projects. The focus is always to improve as a story teller.

Artist On:
"Gonna Get Him" with Shawn Gabborin (Short Stack #3)
"Taking Action" with Chris Murrin (CGS Stories 2)
"Not Nice Dreams" (My Brain Hurts #9)
"Banana Cream-Pie Fever" with John Schlim Jr. (Monkey Poo #1)
"Armour-Dillo" with John Schlim Jr. (Pantheon Red)
"My Turn" (Pantheon Red)
"Whacked!" (Guest Artist)
Insert Coin
Surviving Indiana
The Toledo Martins #0

Colorist On:
"Ghost Hunters" (Jim Reaper: Week One)
"La Famiglia" (Dark Horrors Anthology)
"The Secret Everybody Knows" (Hope: New Orleans)

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